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Yoga For First Responders®

Police Cars
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YogaShield® Yoga For First Responders (YFFR)® trains a skillset to process stress, build resilience, and enhance performance. It uses a specific protocol and ground rules that make it job-specific and culturally informed for law enforcement officers, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, military personnel, dispatchers, nurses, and doctors. Experience clarity in the mind while on-shift and regulate the nervous system between events to improve life at home. Click here to learn more about the YFFR non-profit organization.

Mastering the breath and mind are a fundamental part of yoga. Yoga is NOT about stretching or relaxing. It teaches the mind and body to stay in connection to optimally respond to stress with mental clarity and physical precision, followed by quick deactivation of the sympathetic nervous system. There are numerous techniques that improve focus, improve self-command, and process stress chemicals out of the body.

Public class offerings for anyone are listed on the Events page. Private classes are available for custom tutoring. Link to schedule.

Demo or Inservice

Yoga For First Responders®

Formal presentations, demo workshops, and curriculum-based inservice training can be provided to meet the needs of public safety training requirements. Topics can include an introduction to YFFR, physical performance under pressure, and effective recovery from cumulative stress.

Contact me to schedule an introductory presentation or arrange the service that will best fulfill your department's needs.


Mat Class

Yoga For First Responders®

This is a drop-in style class that can be hosted at any police, fire, EMS, or healthcare facility. The class is facilitated using the YFFR protocol and ground rules that ensure it is job-specific and culturally informed. These classes include foundational skills for achieving clear-headed decision-making while in an activated state, practicing high-levels of physical safety awareness, and regulating the nervous system.

Contact me to schedule classes in your facility or arrange a private class.

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