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Reiki energy sessions provide the conditions for deep inner healing in the mind and body. Facilitated by light touch during total stillness, this technique from Japan soothes the nervous system. It is often described as deeply relaxing, like a massage for the inside of the body.

Reiki is NOT about fortune telling or medical diagnosis. While some practitioners may have additional skills or licenses outside of providing Reiki, the approach I take is science-based. Reiki is the Japanese word for universal energy and is essentially quantum physics.

How Does Reiki Work

Reiki for Neuro Reset

During a Reiki session, the goal is to provide a soothing environment and undivided compassionate attention on the recipient with light touch. Most importantly, the practitioner must be skilled at regulating their own energy and thoughts because nervous systems are affected by each other.


Mirror neurons lead the recipient's nervous system to match the practitioner's, leading to feelings of deep relaxation and stress release for the recipient. During this parasympathetic state for the nervous system, the body is in rest and digest mode. Creating soothing conditions allows the body to detox waste in the cells and detox information or memories in the mind. This is why recipients often perceive a healing and possibly spiritual experience.

The nervous system and immune system work in balance with each other, meaning the immune system can do its work best when there isn't an active stress response.

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What to Expect

Reiki for Neuro Reset

Let your stress fade away, stimulate your immune system, and restore balance in the body as energetic attention is focused completely on you.​ The recipient lays fully clothed on a massage table with blankets, pillows, soft music, and optional essential oils or incense. Light touch from head to feet brings attention and intention to different energy centers of the body. However, this service can be the highest level of mental fitness training for some people because the recipient is silent and laying in stillness throughout the duration of a session.

$60 for 1-hour session. Offered at my home location or I can bring the equipment to provide short sessions to employees at work for a negotiated rate.

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