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Cassandra Bjelajac


  • Master’s degree: Healthcare Administration

  • Bachelor’s degree: Communication


  • Coursework: Positive Intelligence® PQ Coaching


  • Certificate: YogaShield® Yoga For First Responders®


  • Certificate: Professional Life Coach


  • Coursework: Inner Engineering 1 and 2, Isha Institute


  • Certificate: Reiki Master


  • Certificate: Registered Yoga Teacher


  • Coursework: Healing Trauma, Peter Levine, PhD


  • Certificate: Mental Health & Wellness in the Workplace


  • Certificate: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Certificate: Ayurveda Coaching

About Me

I train public safety professionals to respond with clarity and recover with ease, allowing them to feel pride at work and be fully present at home. Building mental muscle and nervous system stability ensures optimal performance at work and satisfying relationships at home. 

  • Train your brain and body to respond to stressful encounters with precision and to quickly regulate afterward.

  • Learn to stop destructive thoughts and quickly shift to a more useful mindset.

  • Fully process stress chemicals out of the body.


For 15 years, I advised healthcare executives, advocated for patients, and created improvement plans for hospital-based health systems. Simultaneously, I studied natural healing and total wellness. Exploring and experiencing health techniques from cultures all over the world led me to reverse and heal my own medical conditions.

What I Do

Now, I use science-based relatable techniques to help others get to the root of their suffering and move through it or past it with greater ease. 

  • Layer 1: Yoga with a mental fitness focus uses a specific protocol with breath work and physical drills to train the mind and nervous system. It is the most approachable starting place for many people because it includes the benefits of building physical strength, stamina, flexibility, and mobility. I use the Yoga For First Responders® protocol, ground rules, and curriculum.

  • Layer 2: Positive Intelligence (PQ)® coaching identifies the cast of characters in your mind called Saboteurs and teaches you to use your inner Sage powers to shift to a productive mindset and ease. This work begins with a robust and fun 8-week app-based experience (virtual) combined with personalized coaching sessions.

  • Layer 3: Reiki energy sessions create the conditions for deep inner healing in the mind and body. Facilitated by light touch during total stillness, this technique from Japan feels like a massage occurring on the inside, soothing the nervous system.

With these techniques, happiness will be how you live, not a place you’re trying to get to.

Let’s Connect

I can help you optimize your day-to-day experience of life.


What service are you interested in? Is it for you, for someone else, or for a team?

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